Generator Cooling System Maintenance
Generator Cooling System Maintenance

Second to the battery, the most common point of failure in a generator is the Coolant System. Unlike an automobile cooling system, your generator’s cooling system is always under heat and pressure even though it may only run once a week. Ambient temperatures at the generator location can very greatly. The Coolant System ensures the generator is protected both during extreme heat and extreme cold.

Coolant System Maintenance that includes consistent coolant analysis and periodic flushing is critical to ensuring the performance of your equipment when it counts the most. With age, coolant becomes acidic, corrosive, and loses its lubricating qualities. When coolant loses its inherent properties, it can cause the engine to decrease the power output, wear down the system, and possibly result in engine failure. In addition to regular maintenance performed by your generator service provider, maintenance should also include checking the generator regularly for leaks. When site temperatures are cold, top off fluid as needed.

A radiator has tanks on both the top and bottom of the core and is installed on or close to the engine in a vertical fashion. The radiator cooling fan forces ambient air over the core. This air removes coolant heat and maintains heat within the engine.

The two pictures below are of a clogged radiator core and the same radiator core after


being cleaned. This is normally hidden from plain sight during routine maintenance, however was uncovered during testing when the generator temperature increased beyond what was expected. The high temperature during testing indicated a blockage in the cooling system. There surely would have been a failure during an emergency if this had not been corrected.

Clean-Radiator-495x400With nearly 50 years of providing reliability to our customers, FM Generator is here to detect and proactively correct issues with your emergency and standby power systems. Maintenance will keep your equipment functioning properly but if something does go wrong, we are available 24/7 for emergency response.

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