Katolight Generator Parts, Service & Repairs
Katolight Generator Parts, Service & Repairs

While Katolight no longer manufactures generators, businesses and organizations around the country are still using them. The Katolight Company of Mankato Minnesota made industrial and commercial generators in various sizes and configurations including power-take-off (PTO) generators as well as their Genset line. 

Katolight generators are still oftentimes part of critical infrastructure in communications, hospitals, government installations, and a myriad of other industrial applications. Their diesel powered generators run from 15kW to 2759kW and are offered in low and medium voltages. Their gaseous powered generators go from 25kW up to 800kW. 

Many of our commercial and industrial clients still use Katolight generators, and we therefore have extensive experience in servicing this type of machine (something most service providers cannot say). While others don’t stock parts for Katolight, we have a wide selection of replacement parts and repair capabilities.

If you need a reliable service provider or parts supplier for your Katolight generator, look no further than FM.

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