Minimize Downtime – Create a Disaster Plan for Backup Power
Minimize Downtime – Create a Disaster Plan for Backup Power

Have you been tasked with creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for your company? Do you have a specific plan for Backup Power? This may include your own backup power system or rental generators. Do you have a reliable service provider you can count on to respond quickly if there is a disaster in your territory?


We have been through a number of disasters and learned many lessons in regards to disaster recovery and response. Our disaster response program requires us to maintain vendor, government and customer relationships throughout emergencies. 9/11, Katrina and Sandy are some of the headline events that we have made long term deployments and provided fueling services for in support of telecom and public safety. A rental fleet does not only consist of trailer generators. In fact, a portion of our backup power fleet contains several “skid” mounted units. There are areas we deploy equipment to where a trailer unit may be stolen.

As a service provider, a Disaster Recovery plan extends past the generator equipment offered into the type of service vehicles in our fleet. In the Northeast particularly, Diesel, 4-wheel drive trucks with 100 gallon transfer tanks for diesel fuel are baseline. The transfer tanks allow us to provide fueling services to our customer base, keeping their equipment running when they need it most. Another pivotal equipment item in our fleet is off-road vehicles that allow us to access the most remote sites. The image below is from an ice storm, utilizing our off-road vehicle to deliver fuel to a remote location.


Know that when a state of emergency is declared, it becomes restrictive for emergency respondents like FM Generator to operate. In the Northeast, we have been allowed to operate over roads and parkways normally off limits to trucks and trailers.

If you have been charged with creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for your company, and would like assistance or additional information to build your plan, please reach out to us at 800-253-6617 or