Massachusetts Home Generator Frequently Asked Questions
Massachusetts Home Generator Frequently Asked Questions

When buying a standby generator, we're not so much purchasing a piece of equipment as we are buying reliability for our homes. Before we do this, we should always make sure that we've gathered all the appropriate info and asked the right questions. Here’s a look at some of our most-asked home generator questions, which might help steer you in the right direction of your search. 


Why should one buy a standby generator instead of a portable generator?

We usually come back to five key points on why when it comes to generators, standby is always preferable to portable:


  1. Safer Fuel Storage and Operation

No dealing with cans of fuel in the garage.

  1. No Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Dangers

As the unit is installed outdoors.

  1. Automatic Operation

When the power goes out, your generator turns on automatically (thanks to your automatic transfer switch). 

  1. Ultra Reliability 

Standby generators auto test themselves weekly, identifying potential failures before the generator needs to operate in an outage.

  1. Better Power Quality 

Standby units provide better voltage and frequency regulation --- keeping your appliances safe and operational. 


What is the cost of a home generator installation here in Massachusetts?fm generator | home standby generators in massachusetts and beyond

Full home standby generator installations start as low as $6,500. A turnkey installation costs between $7,500 – $9,500, which includes the first year preventative maintenance service.


What is remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring allows you to receive alerts to your smartphone or computer. With this, you can monitor the status of your home generator from anywhere. You can even have alerts sent directly to your service provider. This serves as an added layer of security --- and a safeguard against any failures in the event of an outage. 


Can you finance a home generator?

Yes. Regardless of your installer and manufacturer, financing is available and you can pay for your unit over time. 


What brands of home standby generators do you install at FM Generator?fm generator installation planning and questions

Our primary line is Fortress by Briggs & Stratton offered in 10-20kw, propane and natural gas. Only authorized dealers have access to the Fortress brand. We also sell the standard Briggs & Stratton line offered in 10-20kw, propane and natural gas. Fortress brand offers 6-year warranty; Briggs & Stratton brand offers 5-year warranty.


Why does FM Generator prefer Briggs & Stratton over Generac or Kohler?

We prefer Briggs & Stratton machines and therefore exclusively deal in those for a few reasons.

  • They involve no proprietary or dealer-locked controls.

  • They have all the same features as commercial grade equipment.

  • Briggs & Stratton stands behind their products --- and offers comprehensive warranty services. 

  • Replacement parts are readily available. 


Why choose FM Generator for a Massachusetts home generator installation job?CDB_8275

  • Reliable equipment and reliable 24/7 service. 

  • 45+ years of generator experience.

  • A visit to your home for a free generator quote. 

  • The best equipment for less than the discount home centers.

  • Extensive and affordable preventative maintenance program that will make your generator last well beyond its warranty period.   


Don’t wait until the next big storm hits. Claim your free in-home consultation today at 855-FMGEN-ON or or 

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